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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Son

Our Son Layout -
I love this layout. Mainly because of the goofy picture of my son. He can sometimes be such a ham. Other times, very photo shy. But I guess when your mom is always trying to take your photo, it can get annoying.

Can be a quick layout if you work fast. 12 x 12 base, with eight different pattern papers. Scrap paper that you have been hoarding and waiting to use is great to use for this layout. The big banners are 1.5 inches wide, the two smaller banners are 1 inch wide and the smallest banner is 3/4 inch wide. You need seventeen 1.5 inch banners in various different patterns, if you want to do 20 different patterns you can. It depends on what you choose. Then you need two banners in the 1 inch size and one banner in the 3/4 inch size. You need one 1 inch strip of chevron patterned paper and one 1/2 inch piece of patterned paper. Also cut one 2 inch star and add a brad in the center. The title box size is really up to you, I monkeyed with mine a little due to the fact, I really wanted to use the stamp that I did, to make it.

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