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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doggy Page

Doggy -

This page is for my awesome, lovable dog Piper. She is a 12 year old Lhasa Poo. And she has to be the best dog I have ever owned. She is so sweet and loving. She is still extremely playful at 12 years old. This page uses the exact layout that I used on the other page I posted last week, so if you want to make this page, just follow those instructions. The page looks different when using different papers. That is what is so cool about layouts! You can just change up the paper and you get a totally different page.
Also I turned the mat so it will hold a horizontal picture instead.

And I added some chipboard embellishments along with the flowers.

This page is copyrighted by Tina Smith.

Happiness Page

HappiNess -
I made this page for my daughter. Her name is Vanessa, or Ness for short and she is almost always happy. :) (I, even unlined her name with a decorative sticker.)
Again this page is very simple, but the page is really pretty.

I made the shaped background paper. I took a regular 12 x 12 piece and cut it down to 10 x 10. Then I took a 1 1/2 inch circle punch and punched a semi circle into each corner. The striped paper is 2 x 10.5. The dark brown paper is 6 x 9. The white mat behind the tan page is 4.5 x 6.5, the tan paper is 4.25 x 6.25. The tan patterned paper, and the tan mat are inked with the dark brown cat's eye queue ink bu Colorbox. The striped paper is inked with burgundy ink, from cat's eye queue ink by Colorbox.

The "happiness" title is from the one dollar bin at Michael's. I kept it in plain chipboard, I thought about adding color to it, but it looked good as is, and one u color it, you can't really go back.

The flowers are prima flowers with antique metal flower over the top, with pearl centers.

The three butterflies are a stamped image, cut out and I added Stickles by Ranger Ink on each of them.

This page is copyrighted by Tina Smith.

Beauty Page

Beauty -
This page was not very hard to make. It's very simplistic, but I think the page came out well. I made the postage stamp paper myself with a circle punch. The teal swirls came from my BFF, she just happened to have a felt border that matched the color scheme perfectly. The "beauty" word was in the one dollar bin at Michael's. And because I am super thrifty, the square of green for the picture mat is used from the background paper.

I cut the gray paper to 11 x 11, then evenly spaced 11 half circles on each of the four sides to create the postage stamp look. The white patterned paper is 3 x 9. The green mat is 4 x 4. I inked both the white patterned and the gray patterned with charcoal cat's queue ink by Colorbox. There is a strip of the gray paper, 1/2 x 10, behind the teal felt swirl.

I adorned the butterfly and made the butterfly's trail with stickles by Ranger Ink.

This page is copyrighted by Tina Smith.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

To make the flowers on the Always and Forever Page

To make the flowers on the Always and Forever Page. (This is adapted from the blog Such a Pretty Mess by Gabrielle Pollacco)

1. The first thing you need to do, is design your page or at least pick out the papers/color scheme for the page you are making. This will help, let me explain. Unless you want to make these flowers just for fun, which I have done, because they are just simply fun to make, then you aren't gonna wanna spend time making flowers that aren't going to match your page in the end. It's alot of work to make a ton of flowers, then find out they don't match anything. My advice is to practice making these with white paper, that way you can use them on anything. You can add ink, chalk or paint to change them. White flowers are very easy to adapt to anything. And these flowers are so easy, you won't really need to make more then one as a practice flower.
2. You are either gonna need a die cutting machine, three flower punches (one - 2 inch, one 1 1/2 inch and 1 one inch) or you can simply tear the paper into circles. You will also need glue dots or a fast drying, super sticky glue and a small sprayer with water or a sprayer of glitter mist. (My advice on this is to buy something that is very light, so that it doesn't overpower the color of the flower.)
3. Cut 3 two inch flowers, 3 one and a half inch flowers and 1 one inch flower.
4. Spray each piece, front and back with either the water or glitter mist. Do not drench the pieces, just lightly spray them.
5. Ball them all up into crumpled pieces of paper and very gently open them up to dry.Now here is where the character is built, for each flower. the less you smooth out the pieces, the better they look,but be aware that you don't want each piece to still be too crumpled. (Leave the one inch flower balled up.)
6. Let them all dry. Sometimes I do these after I picked my papers, before I built the layout and I let them dry while my page comes together.
7. Once they are dry, starting on the bottom, take the 3 two inch flowers and layer them, gluing them in between each layer. I turn the flowers just a little each time a glue one down to give it a more full look.
8. Do the same for the 3 one and a half inch flowers, gluing them to the layered two inch flowers.
9. Take that last flower, the one inch, and add glue to it, stick it in the middle, now let dry (unless of course you used glue dots.)

After all the steps above are done, you can add pretty centers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Become a follower....

Hi all,
I have a great new page in the making... I can't wait to show you. I will try to have some more detailed photos so you can see the details up close and dimensional.

But what I would like to see for you is, some followers... No pressure, but if you like my blog and my pages, please become a follower.

Post comments, ask questions (and I will answer them) and share thoughts. I can't wait to hear from everyone. I am very excited about it. So! Come on already... <3

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Another great page...

This page really take no time at all and I love the results.
Here are the instructions to making this one.

1. Choose four pieces of paper to use, you should have one dark either patterned or solid piece for the background, one should be red, a brown kraft cardstock and then a cream. The background paper I chose was from the Immortal stack by DCWV.

2. Draw a loose primitive heart, cut it out and distress the edges. I used the Zutter Distrezz it All machine to distress my heart.

3. Ink the entire outside edged of the heart with black ink, I used the black Cat's Eye Queue ink by Colorbox.
4. I, then took a script stamp, inked it black, and stamped in the upper left corner, down the side but not all the way to the bottom. I, also added some metallic platinum ink to the heart, just in random spots.
5. Crumpled the heart, then lay it flat.
6. Tear the brown cardstock to 3.75 x 5.25, the ink the edges with the black ink. I also ran it thru the paper crimper a couple times so that it looked corragated.
7. Stamp a clock, or large circular image onto cream colored cardstock and cut it out.
8. Stamp a heart onto gray cardstock. And cut it out.
9. Cut a 1 x 4 inch strip of cream cardstock and stamp a sentiment on it, ink all the edges in black.
10. Adhere the page together, heart on the left, adding the crimped brown paper to the center of the heart. In the lower left edge of the heart add the clock, heart and then some flowers. (I made thes flowers by hand, and I can post steps on here later on how to do it yourself. In my opinion they come out nicer and are way cheaper then the ones you buy in the stores, plus you can make them any color you want and they will match your layout. Stick the sentiment on the right side, slightly sticking out from under the heart.
11. The last and final touch to this page was the clear red accent bubbles that I added.

This page is copyrighted by Tina Smith.

A page with great results...

Hi all. This is a page I recently made that has a bunch of really cool techniques, that you can use on just about any page, to make a very cool layout.

Ok on to the details of this page.

  1. Pick five pieces of patterned paper, three with a light pattern so they will not clash, and one piece of cardstock.
  2. Cut the first piece of patterned paper into a 11.50 square, here I used a black piece with white pinstripes that make a diamond pattern on the paper.
  3. Using a distressing tool, distress the edges of the paper, I used the Zutter Distrezz it All machine (Love It!) to distress the edges of the paper, you can also use a nail file, finger nail or whatever else you have on hand. Also I did take a couple small chunks out of the paper so that I had a few spots to add other accents.
  4. Ink the edges of the distressed piece, I used the Black Cat's Eye Queue ink by Colorbox.
  5. Trim the second piece of patterned paper to 10.25 square, here I used a blue patterned piece with a black medallion design, but you can barely see it. Because not much of the paper is showing.
  6. Using the Martha Stewart double loop edge punch, I punched around the entire paper.
  7. I then took a water filled paint brush and slightly wet the paper, and crumpled it, then laid it flat to dry.
  8. Grab the next piece of patterned paper, this one should have a light pattern. Trim it into a 10.25 square.
  9. I, then choose a shape for this piece, made a pattern and cut the page to it. I wanted some of the blue paper underneath on the layout to stick out and show.
  10. Using the water filled paint brush I lightly wet the inside of the shaped piece, so that I could create folds or gathers. Smoothed it out to dry.
  11. Taking the black ink, I again, inked the edges of this piece all the way around.
  12. When it was dry, I took a stamp and stamped a design in one corner. You can also use jewels or pearls, or one of the swirls that they have out there now. I, then took Stickles and drew over the stamped image, and let it dry. I used the gunmetal Stickles.
  13. The next piece of paper, was also a light patterned piece, that I tore into a 5.50 x 7.75 rectangle. Here I used a pink piece with a very light, chicken wire type pattern.
  14. Ink the edges of this also, with the black ink.
  15. Cut the next piece of patterned paper into a 4.50 x 6.50 piece.
  16. Assemble the page, taking that last lightly patterned piece of cardstock and cut a couple squares/rectangles, tearing the edges and inking with black ink to stick behind the first piece of patterned paper, where you took chunks out. I also added some to stick out behind the pink piece.
  17. I also took two little pieces of lace and put those behind the first piece of patterned paper.
  18. Lastly, I added a big flower, that I inked the edges to match, when I first found the flower I wanted, the pink that it was already colored was not the color I wanted. So I used the Cat's Eye Queue to reink them to something that matched. I also added a silvery chalk to the center of the flower. And then I added a couple sprigs of flowers sticking out and a butterfly in the right hand corner.
This page is copyrighted by Tina Smith.