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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ok don't judge me. I am sitting all snug in my craft room, listening to Christmas music, designing a layout, sipping Chai tea. The only thing missing is my BFF. But she has two new little ones to take care of so I highly doubt there will be any Christmas craft making for us this year. It's out favorite time of year to do crafts. Now, mind you, we do crafts all year in some form or another but we really really enjoy Christmas time. We normally make gifts for all the people we will be gifting.

Personally, I like giving so much more then receiving. Ok, I know what you might be thinking; yeah right! But no, I am serious. I love to give gifts, especially when I  made them. Although there are people that when you make them a gift, they think that you are being cheap. Sooooooooooo, not the case. I have one person in my family, that I have made a gift once or twice for, and that particular person acts like, "this is it?" It really hurts my feelings. As I am sure you can imagine, you put hours and hours into something, only for someone to be like that. Heartbreaking. Needless to say, that particular person, will no longer be getting a homemade gift.

But then there are others, that really appreciate it. Most people can buy what they want or need themselves. Christmas is not about the gifts but about family and love. I spend tons of time making gifts because I truly love the people I am giving too. All of them.

So again, don't judge me. I have a big list of people I am crafting for this year, so I need to start early and nothing to better get you in the mood, then some CHRISTMAS MUSIC on Pandora! :)

Have a blessed night and enjoy all you have, someone else out there has nothing and would give anything to have what you have.

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