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Monday, November 5, 2012

New Printer!

My New Printer!
I got it!
I got it!
I got it!

Can you tell I am happy? lol

I tested it out and it prints beautifully. Although I haven't had a second tonight to print anything to go in my scrapbooks. I set it up, set up the wireless on 2 of the 3 laptops and printed one picture. But then motherly duty took over and I had to make dinner and do laundry. I probably will not get a free second besides the one I am using right now to tell you about my NEW printer, til tomorrow. Also I ended up doing some yoga (and was intending to walk on the treadmill too) but again I had mom things to do. There is always tomorrow. Right?

I can't wait to show you all how wonderfully it prints. And that the whole house can use it without having to track down a flash drive is a bonus.

Well... I hear hubby calling which means I have something that needs mom.

So I will see you all tomorrow.

Have a great night and enjoy the simple things.

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