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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas is coming...

Christmas is coming...
Christmas is in less then a week. Are you ready?
I am not.
Not by any means.
I have so much to do before Friday. After that, all the actual stuff for Christmas day is done, but before I get my week off from work, I have too much to accomplish.
I love this season.
I love giving and seeing people smile.
I had the best person to be Secret Santa to this year. She is one of the many great teachers I work with. And I love her dearly, like all the others.
I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and that you are taking time to cherish the memories that you get to make this year. My son might not be here for Christmas next year, so I am trying to make this one as special as can be.
Love you all.
Have a blessed holiday and hopefully this weekend I will post some pages.

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