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Monday, June 3, 2013



Or I love you... if you don't speak French.

Lately I have been really interested in trying out my artistic side, but really the truth is I don't have one. I am very, how do you say, anal.... Lol! When it comes to putting things in their place or having some sense of balance, my brain doesn't let me free flow. It stops me short with inhibitions. 

So, this is my attempt on a artist layout. I started with white cardstock, then stamped some green vines & leaves and I drew some cross hatch with a black thin marker. 

I cut out the title with my Slice machine and then inked it with Colorbox inks, using the lighter color first then blending to the darker color. I like the look of it, it came out pretty good.

The pic I chose was one my daughter took of herself then used an editing app on her ipod on, I love that she loves photography as much as I do. She has been taking a lot of photos of the puppies on her own, and she has got some amazing shots of them.

Most of the embellishments on here are pictures that I nabbed of the internet. I am finding this has been my go to spot lately for extra things to go on my layouts. We only have a few stores where I live and all of them are chain stores, so they don't carry the really good stuff. I love all the options that you have on the internet, you just to be careful that the items aren't copyrighted. There is so much free stuff out there, the possibilities are endless.

Thank you for visiting my blog today.

I hope you enjoy the layout I shared with you today. 

School is winding down and now my schedule isn't so busy. In a couple weeks, three, but who is counting, school will be out. Then for two weeks I will be busy, then my son will be leaving for boot camp, and I will have to cope some how. I am sure I will turn to scrapbooking and kayaking. Things that will keep me busy.

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