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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Major wrench in my plans

Sorry everyone, I did not get to scrapping on Friday or yesterday morning as planned. These migraines are bad enough that it hurts to keep my eyes open. But on a good note, I think laying on my halsa mat and taking my prescription helped some. So after a fast paced house cleaning this morning, I hope to get to at least one page.

But I did want to tell you all about my son's football game yesterday. It was amazing, they played extremely well and they were robbed in double overtime, by a bad call, even the other team knew it. But it seemed the refs were sick of being there, and just wanted to go home. :( But Brandon played so great! It was a super game, I wish I had been brave enough to bring my camera out, but it was raining when we first got there, and I was scared to death that it would get wet. So no pictures :( BOO rain!

Anyway, I have to go clean, so I can do something fun (like scrappy) before the Green Bay Packers make their appearance on the TV.

Have a wonderful day!

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