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Saturday, March 5, 2011

A page with great results...

Hi all. This is a page I recently made that has a bunch of really cool techniques, that you can use on just about any page, to make a very cool layout.

Ok on to the details of this page.

  1. Pick five pieces of patterned paper, three with a light pattern so they will not clash, and one piece of cardstock.
  2. Cut the first piece of patterned paper into a 11.50 square, here I used a black piece with white pinstripes that make a diamond pattern on the paper.
  3. Using a distressing tool, distress the edges of the paper, I used the Zutter Distrezz it All machine (Love It!) to distress the edges of the paper, you can also use a nail file, finger nail or whatever else you have on hand. Also I did take a couple small chunks out of the paper so that I had a few spots to add other accents.
  4. Ink the edges of the distressed piece, I used the Black Cat's Eye Queue ink by Colorbox.
  5. Trim the second piece of patterned paper to 10.25 square, here I used a blue patterned piece with a black medallion design, but you can barely see it. Because not much of the paper is showing.
  6. Using the Martha Stewart double loop edge punch, I punched around the entire paper.
  7. I then took a water filled paint brush and slightly wet the paper, and crumpled it, then laid it flat to dry.
  8. Grab the next piece of patterned paper, this one should have a light pattern. Trim it into a 10.25 square.
  9. I, then choose a shape for this piece, made a pattern and cut the page to it. I wanted some of the blue paper underneath on the layout to stick out and show.
  10. Using the water filled paint brush I lightly wet the inside of the shaped piece, so that I could create folds or gathers. Smoothed it out to dry.
  11. Taking the black ink, I again, inked the edges of this piece all the way around.
  12. When it was dry, I took a stamp and stamped a design in one corner. You can also use jewels or pearls, or one of the swirls that they have out there now. I, then took Stickles and drew over the stamped image, and let it dry. I used the gunmetal Stickles.
  13. The next piece of paper, was also a light patterned piece, that I tore into a 5.50 x 7.75 rectangle. Here I used a pink piece with a very light, chicken wire type pattern.
  14. Ink the edges of this also, with the black ink.
  15. Cut the next piece of patterned paper into a 4.50 x 6.50 piece.
  16. Assemble the page, taking that last lightly patterned piece of cardstock and cut a couple squares/rectangles, tearing the edges and inking with black ink to stick behind the first piece of patterned paper, where you took chunks out. I also added some to stick out behind the pink piece.
  17. I also took two little pieces of lace and put those behind the first piece of patterned paper.
  18. Lastly, I added a big flower, that I inked the edges to match, when I first found the flower I wanted, the pink that it was already colored was not the color I wanted. So I used the Cat's Eye Queue to reink them to something that matched. I also added a silvery chalk to the center of the flower. And then I added a couple sprigs of flowers sticking out and a butterfly in the right hand corner.
This page is copyrighted by Tina Smith.

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