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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You Are My Favorite

You are my favorite

Of course I say this to all the dogs, and they are, each in their own special way.

This is Gizmo, or rather what he would like to be called Mo-Mo. He doesn't prefer Gizmo, he will come to it, if you won't call him anything else, he will eventually give up and give in. But upon calling him Mo, you will get a response right away.

Gizmo is so very sweet.
One of the best mannered dogs I have ever had. He is a bit of a chewer though but we have seemed to tamed that for the most part.

Gizmo also is particular about what he drinks, don't get me wrong he will drink water but he is not a fan. He would much rather have Kool-aid or Pedialite.

Yes he is strange, they all are. We seem to always get the odd ones. But that is also part of their charm.

Enough about my dogs, I could talk for days. lol

On this layout, I used all papers from a paper pack I picked up at Michaels, made by Crate Paper.
I kind of love these papers! And I kind of love this layout.
Not to mention how it happened to fall together, and I will explain that in a minute.

So this cute picture of Gizmo was sitting on my desk, just waiting for me to scrap. I have a few that are top priority then there is the rest of our pictures that well.... how do I put this, I will get to them when I get to them, if I get to them. 

And I really didn't know if I wanted to scrap this pic. Because for one, my Roo is behind him hiding, and for two, it's not the greatest. The color is a little off and I could go on.

Then I saw these papers, and they kind of matched the picture's tone. And I just had to do it.
I just started layering and inking and more layering and more inking.

All this made me remember a lesson I had learned once at a scrapbook class, that said to never use different pattern papers together, and if you do, make sure to break them up by putting a plain piece of cardstock in between. What? There is one thing I learned about scrapbooking and that is there are NO rules.
Anything goes.

So once I got all the papers layered and inked the way I wanted too, I was looking for embellishments that would compliment my layout, without having to run out to the store or make something. I was in the mood for a instant scrapbook page fix, not a this took me ten hours to make and I am still not thrilled with it. And well, I couldn't find anything....

Amazing... I know.

So I decided to do a couple things.
First was, the paper pack came with some tags/blocks that I liked so I picked one out and cut it out.
The block is that grid looking paper under the picture. It had the two rectangles on it, the striped one and the tan-ish one, I cut those out and inked those too. Just to give them more definition. Then I cut a triangle of orange and inked that.

I was stuck at this point, couldn't find anything to put on the page. Then I accidentally spilled wooden stars on it. I had bought these tiny wooden stars when I was at the store (they were on sale) and I stumbled upon this cute "so sweet" sentiment chippie plus I dug deep into my rub on stash (that I really need to use, they can't last forever) and alakazam, done.

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