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Thursday, August 22, 2013

You Sparkle, You Shine

You Sparkle, You Shine

Hi there. 
I hope you are having a good day.  

I have been feeling a little more creative and decided to make a couple things this week. I will share the other project later, that one is a little bigger, and isn't done yet.

I also have been helping my son (who is not going to be a Marine anymore) get into college, he decided on the Automotive Technology program to start. He loves to fix his truck, even though it frustrates him at times. So I am glad he is going to be going into something that he will enjoy. So people don't know what they want to take in college, or do in life after college, this is his first step, he might change his mind, but this will build a good foundation for him, and if all else fails, at least int he end he will be able to repair his truck (and mine).

So to start this layout, I referred to my favorite scrapbook line, My Mind's Eye. I selected papers I thought would look good together and built a base. I really liked the flower already on the paper and I wanted to put that to use. So I took colors from there for the rest of the layout.

I didn't have flowers that exactly matched, well as far as the yellow flowers went, so I took a Sharpie and colored the petals. I really like that they turned out well, once they dried they were darker then what I originally started with.

Surprisingly on this layout, I only used two sheets of paper, the others were scraps I had out of the same paper pad. Even the mat for the photo is made from scraps. I hate cutting into a new piece of paper to get a small rectangle, even though I know I will use it later for something else, it just bothers me. Although if you saw how much paper I have, you would laugh at that statement. I have way too much, I am kind of addicted. But I will blame that on my best friend, because it's really her fault I even have this as a hobby. lol

The chipboard pieces I picked up the other day at Michael's for 99 cents, they were on clearance and I love them, they happen to go with just about any line of paper My Mind's Eye has. I spent a total of like $5 at Michael's but feel like I got a ton of stuff. I love clearance.

The photo is from a doggy photo shoot we had and I just love this photo. I used Topaz labs to edit the photo and used the vintage setting in the adjust filters. I also added a slight vignette to the edges.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to my blog.

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a wonderful day. 

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