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Saturday, March 9, 2013

So Beautiful

So Beautiful.

It's been busy around here, again. Not getting to my favorite two past times of blogging and scrapping lately. And to be honest it's all a blur. I don't even know what makes me so busy.  But I do know that at the end of every day I am exhausted. Not to mention, our mama pitbull ate my laptop charger (this makes two times now) and all I had was my desktop, which I prefer not to use, unless I am editing or playing music. It feels too much like work to be stuck at one spot to have to update this blog.

Right now, 4 of our 6 dogs, are running around the house, barking at each other. I just got back from taking the three littles for a walk. Their first walk! Well... it didn't go well. Gizmo and Roo were doing well at first, but then a car drove by. Paris would barely move at all. So I didn't get to walk them far. I ended up taking Paris and Gizmo inside, then just taking Roo for a walk/run. She did great by herself, so I guess that is the way I will have to do it from now on, until they get used to it.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.

This layout came out pretty well. It's base is a wonderful light charcoal gray, with a little distressing and white polka dots. I found a piece of yellow polka dot paper in my scraps file and added that to the top, inking the edges with charcoal ink.

Then I splattered black paint on the layout, and waited for it to dry. That's tedious. I hate having to wait! For anything. He,he.

I printed a cool street lamp on white cardstock then cut it out using a craft knife. Then because the black wasn't really as black as I wanted it, I colored it with a sharpy.

I found three more strips of paper in my scrap pile that I thought went well together, and I cut them various sizes and lengths, inking the edges as well with charcoal ink. 

Then I printed the photo I took, that is slightly over exposed (but I don't care, because there is something about it, that I am in love with) and I matted it on white cardstock.

Then I added white outline stickers, colored brads made by Spare Parts, a glazed sticker and   white lace butterflies made by Martha Stewart.

I hope you like my layout.

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Have a wondiferious day!

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